Club Of Train Modelers Prague 3

The Club of Train Modelers in Prague 3, was founded in 2001, aims to pursue the hobby of train modeling on an active level with opportunities for members to exchange their own experiences as well as other interests. Our activities are directed mainly for the TT scale modelling. Adult modelres in the Club are weekly arranging workshops for childrens, offering an opportunity of hands-on-experience and providing them with new knowledge about this unique and hobby.

The basis of our club work is the construction of operating train models layout in the TT scale. Czech regional railways are a primary source of inspiration. Now the Club and its members have completed large module layout with several railway stations, ideal for demonstrating real simulated operations. Additionally we build also smaller layouts in 0 and H0 scale, not only TT.

The Club regullary organizes s presentations of its activities in the form of an "Open doors" or public exhibition with a moving models, popularizing the railway models, and showing this hobby to the general public. From 2005 we also successfully showed our layout in foreign exhibitions in Netherlands and Germany. Latest exhibition was in Leipzig 2006 Germany.

Photos of our models and latest public exhibitions (czech version only)

Photos - simple overview of our completed model layout (2004)



Articles on website are writteln in czech language, these are mainly reports from our activites, plus several technical recomendations and instructions. Bellow you can find commented links to highlighted texts on our web site.

  Descriptions of our TT layout, technical standards
Module shape drawings- TT scale
Electrical connections between modules
Electrical connections and control of our model train stations,
Signaling between stations, to properly control trafic SPV
Usage and connections of Train light signals, our unique 1 wire transmission system S-com
  Additional text about modelling - complete CZ page is here
Store-house (H0)

Water-tower (TT,H0)

Toilets (H0)

drawings and instructions to build model, typical for old country czech stations.
Based on paper and wood
Small steel bridge (H0) drawings and instructions to build model of small railway bridge over brook, road...
Personal vagon, Bmo (TT) double decker, used from 1970s public czech transport
Freight vagon Uacs-y (TT) used by company Lhoist, in town Beroun CZ, new age

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